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In May 2018, the City of Bakersfield approved the “Making Bakersfield” Station Area Vision Plan and Environmental Impact Report that will serve as a plan to continue revitalization efforts and guide future development of Downtown Bakersfield.

As part of the planning process for a future high-speed rail station, the Authority and the City of Bakersfield entered into a station-area planning agreement. During the Station Area planning process, the City identified and analyzed opportunities and addressed challenges in order to develop a Vision Plan that focuses on walking, biking and transit as well as driving, establishing an urban design, and creating an economic development strategy that optimizes future growth in Downtown Bakersfield.

The project area is generally bounded by F Street to the West, 38th Street to the North, Union Street to the East and California to the South; however, the Vision Plan is intended to benefit the entire community. Adoption of the plan will help streamline future downtown development.

The Authority is currently working with the cities of Bakersfield and Shafter, as well as local residents, stakeholders and regulatory agencies to refine an alignment that includes a station at the intersection of F Street and Golden State Avenue. This locally-generated alternative has been developed in cooperation with the cities and will be studied along with the approved Bakersfield Hybrid Alternative in a supplemental environmental document.

To view the full contents of the Station Area Plan and the Environmental Impact Report, check out More Information below.