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The Kern region continues to experiencing significant growth. However, with that population and housing growth, transportation funding are not keeping pace. The need for the organization was identified when several of the transportation systems within Kern County were incomplete and/or underfunded.

Kern Transportation Foundation is staffed by volunteers dedicated to informing the residents of Kern County about the transportation needs, challenges and plans to expand and maintain our roadway, bicycle, pedestrian, public transportation passenger and aviation systems in Kern County.

The KTF is also dedicated providing public forums for the discussion of transportation issues facing our communities.

The Kern Transportation Foundation is a 501(c) 4 non-profit public corporation which depends on local contributions to continue its work.

The KTF’s charge is to:

• identify transportation needs and challenges,
• inform and educate the public, and
• provide the public with an opportunity to voice their views.

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